Safety Solutions

Provides reassurance and peace of mind...

Broken or shattered glass can cause harm to any person or pet in your home. Safety film can reduce the dangers of this by reinforcing the glass and, in the event of a breakage, hold the broken pieces of glass together in one sheet.

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Reduce the risk of injury particularly to the elderly, active young children, and pets in the event of a breakage.

Installing safety film to your home or office windows will give you instant reassurance.

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Installing safety film onto 3mm float glass increases the strength of the glass to the Grade A safety standard AS2208 (the current minimum standard in the Australian Building Code for new dwellings).

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Safety film is optically clear, or, transparent i.e. it’s virtually invisible once installed, so will maintain the current ‘look’ of your windows and anything you may have on display or care to see, without distortion, on the other side.